Edge Chip Warranty

Edge Chip Warranty

- For professional users only -



Fine2Dine’s Edge Chip Warranty applies for a period of 2 years, starting from the date of invoice of the original order whilst the product is in use.



This warranty covers only the following collections and their included products:

COLLECTIONS: AllureCeres, Escura, MundukNova, Oxido, Usko.

PRODUCTS (of above collections): round/oval plates, round/oval bowls, round cups, round saucers.



  • This Edge Chip Warranty only applies to businesses working in the hospitality & food service sector. This Edge chip warranty does NOT extend to domestic use or products sold in the retail sector.

  • This warranty covers Edge Chipping only. Other type of breakages are not included. This warranty does NOT include: chips/breakage/cracking to: the handles, lugs or knobs on cups, mugs and jugs.

  • This warranty covers the collection(s) and product(s) supplied as part of the original and subsequent replenishment orders as recognised under the terms of this warranty.

  • This warranty is available to the original customer at the location specified on the warranty registration form.

  • This warranty only applies when the product has been used under normal food service conditions, which include refrigeration, serving, washing and secure storage. Use in an oven or under a grill are not included.

  • The validity of the warranty claim is at the sole discretion of Fine2Dine.

  • This warranty only applies when the registration form was filled out correctly and completely. If any errors occur in the information required, the Edge Chip Warranty will be invalid.



The warranty registration form must be completed WITHIN 45 DAYS from the date of invoice of the original order. Only when the registration form is completed correctly, the Edge Chip Warranty is applicable.


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  • Contact Fine2Dine at [email protected] / +32 (0)14 24 29 04 or via its representative to make a claim under this warranty.

  • Any claim products must be kept by the customer and returned to Fine2Dine or its representative for inspection. Information about the claim must be added.

  • The venue where the damage occured should be made available for inspection by Fine2Dine or its representative.

  • Claims are only valid when made by the original customer at the location stated in the original registration.

  • The unique reference must be quoted for the warranty to apply. You'll find this reference in your Chip warranty confirmation.

  • If Fine2Dine accepts the claim, a replacement will be send within 4-6 weeks. Fine2Dine will pay the associated carriage/shipping charges.