Sake pourer 20,5cl speckled Dusk


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Sake pourer of 20,5cl in strong porcelain that stands out because of its speckled design. Each item has a slightly different speckled pattern due to the reactive glaze technique applied during the production process. Therefore no product is the same, what adds a playful diversity to your table. The collection lends itself perfectly for oriental inspired dishes, such as tasty sushi rolls or a hot bowl of noodles. But any other dish will look amazing as well.

NOTE: color and speckle pattern may vary from the picture because of the unique variatons in the reactive glaze.
SKU: 604564
Product Range: Dusk
Product Material: Porcelain
Product Shape: Round
Product Type: Sake pourer
Color: White
This product is available for purchase in increments of 4 only.