Legal warranty

When ordering a product from Fine2Dine (F2D), you can assume that it is a high-quality product. Every article that is available at the web shop is subject to the legal warranty that a product is or must do what you as a consumer would expect in all reasonableness. If you have purchased an item for which this is not the case, we will offer a suitable solution as soon as possible. The legal warranty ensures that you as a consumer are entitled to a 2-year warranty when purchasing a new product. Depending on the item and in consultation with you, we apply the legal warranty by means of repair or replacement. Please contact our customer service for this matter.

Is the problem that occurs with the article your own fault? Or did you use the item normally but is it just worn out? In this case, you're not entitled to free repair or replacement.


Edge Chip Warranty

Are you a horeca professional? Then you are eligible for our Edge Chip Warranty.


What should I do if the items I ordered are damaged?

In case of damage, please contact us by email at [email protected] or call us at +32 14 24 29 04.